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even im figuring it out. sorry folks!

Friday, November 5, 2010

blog? why?

having a blog never actually cross my mind, until now. i really need an outlet to express my feelings. why blog? its a better alternative than telling some one, most call friend, or best friend. telling one particular person means opening up, being vulnerable, to one person. by blogging? i dont give a shit who reads it. i have security issues. opening up, well, done that and it dint work for me. the more i open up, the bigger, deeper the wounds. 

share your problems. pfft! that is funny. when u open up to someone, they call it being clingy, if u dont, ur not making an effort to share, coz that is what friends do... share their problems.
 i have to trust someone to share. to be sharing something personal causes me to have care and love to that person. then when they decided to leave. CRASH!  i crash. 

i may show this strong, never give a shit and have no problems, well im not. 

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