chut iffa??

even im figuring it out. sorry folks!

Monday, November 29, 2010

fast track??

i am in a dilemma, should i or shouldn't i go for the fast track program?
i really want to stay here in kl. i can continue doing the things i love and passionate about,
be close to my family.
but over the years in melaka, i have found another family, my friends. how can i leave them?
all that we had been through together, those happy times, even sad times shared?

how can i not consider that. i love my friends.what if i stay and my friends decide to leave me? happened before. i don't think i can take it if ever it happens again. losing a friend hurts more than losing a lover. i lost 2. double whammy!  i just hope that i would not regret whatever decision that i would take in the future.

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